Why Brand?

By Dean Crutchfield

There’s a lot of confusion about what brand can do for a business. It’s key to recognize that brand is a reservoir of cash that’s not yet on the income statement, and a promise that represents a set of values that are capable of motivating the public, employees and customers. These values reach far beyond the bounds of what function the product or service actually performs. Instead they are anchored in human concerns, emotions and aspirations.  Click through to read my 15 commercial reasons why brand.

Private equity

By Dennis Fluet

The Private Equity industry is so often vilified in the news and in conversation that outside of the industry’s own trade circles you rarely hear anything positive about PE. But as an entrepreneur, how can you not step back and be wowed by what is working for PE? Given private equity’s success rate and continued growth, there has to be some knowledge entrepreneurs of any kind can gain from PE.

Private Equity’s methods or problem solving might be a bit different than Branding, but I will argue that more often than not, there are many more similarities than most people would expect.


Lawyers use “precedents”; Marketers use the “tried and true”; but creative people throw caution to the wind in pursuit of innovation. Strategic Creativity is the way in which we build solutions for our clients’ marketing challenges. When we were challenged to create tenant satisfaction in a building full of creative people, we needed to find new ways to connect with them.

So at Starrett Lehigh, we built a brand where imaginations could run wild, where the unthinkable could be thought, and all possibilities could be explored.
Here’s a story about how chaos engendered uncompromising creativity


By Simon Hunter

“If we build it, they will come.” “Five percent. If I can only get five percent of my customers to buy another one, I’ll make my targets.” Marketing myopia may work for some people. But wishful thinking doesn’t help entrepreneurs very much. If your ambition is to change categories, create explosive growth, and turn a vision into reality (and financial success), then you need to know the answer to a couple of important questions: Why? and Really?

Together they make a profound and rigorous basis for the strategies that we create for our clients; strategies that unlock a brand’s full potential, and not simply that additional 5% margin.
Hear more about out how we think…..


For many agencies the path to a brand idea is a hasty, funnel-like process that cuts ideas without appropriate evaluation. They assume an idea that does not look good, must be bad. When really, it might just be unfamiliar, and could actually be the most opportune idea for your brand. The best idea is not always the most obvious.

At CO OP a more inspired process takes place where a multitude of ideas are explored in order to find the one. Imagine a room filled with ideas – as images, words, phrases or diagrams tacked on the walls – each better than the next (well, maybe not all…) Each idea in various states of development. Sometimes the simplest ideas get thrown out first. So how do you make sure that the best idea, not the idea most thought-through wins?

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